Group Enterprises: Fu Hua Tong Da

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Sichuan Fuhua agricultural investment group (hereinafter referred to as Fuhua group) was founded in 1999, after 17 years of hard work, has now developed into a non-agricultural industries, large enterprise groups in papermaking industry, hi tech seed industry, mining, financial services in one of the. The group's total assets of billions of yuan, has a staff of nearly 4000 people, in 2015 the output value of 13 billion 600 million yuan, profits of 5.5 billion yuan, exports of nearly $400 million, Chinese is the top 500 private enterprises and top 100 enterprises in Sichuan province.
Fuhua group has a "build to be proud of the national brand, service for global agriculture" of the enterprise mission, adhering to the "diligence is the core value of identity, pay only harvest" concept, through to employees, customers, shareholders and the social responsibility, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, truly create value for customers, to make life better"!
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